Together A Bosslady Interview- Kimberly Johnson

NAME: Kimberly Allyse Johnson

BUSINESS: Kimberly Allyse Johnson (Kimberly Coaching)

INDUSTRY: Life and Leadership Coaching




Instagram: @kimberlyallysejohnson

Itunes Podcast: Navigating The Modern World


Kimberly Johnson is a Certified Life Coach, Meditation Practitioner, Podcaster, and Speaker. Kimberly believes with the right tools, perspectives, and coaching that anyone can step into their fullest potential and create the lives and impact in the world that they truly desire. Kimberly has devoted her whole life to empowering human beings to be more present, effective, impactful, and wildly alive in their lives NOW, not later.  



1.  How did you get started in your field and why?

When I had just moved to Boston in 2010 a woman hired me to watch her child. After about a week I knew it was not the job for me so I told her honestly “I love you and your child and I am not meant to watch children”. That honest conversation sparked everything. The next thing she said to me was “I was to hire you in my business”. She is a Leadership Coach and proceeded to put me through leadership training and introduce me to the world of Coaching. Yet the honesty was the catalyst. I spent my late teens and early twenties in a constant state of depression and contemplating suicide. I remember at one point in time, at one of my lowest lows, I sat in bed, tears covering my face, praying to God, Universe, Mother Earth, Spirit to please show me a different way. I knew that I would either kill myself or that something had to be different. This woman hired me a short four weeks after that suicidal episode. I got my answer. It didn’t look like at all what I thought it would look like. I thought I might be an actress. But I continue to be guided by spirit and I want to say that the road has been bumpy and rough at times AND it has been the most life giving and rewarding thing I have ever embarked upon. I wake up daily with such a deep inner peace and aliveness. It is something I did for myself. For me it was life or death. But it is available to anyone who wants it.


2. Why do you love what you do?

At this point, I can’t truly say that I do this work for the love of it I do it because I know that it is my work here. I have questioned it time and time again and from where I sit now I just know that this is my path. This is it for me. Watching people get their lives back is moving and makes the work worth it. Watching people have breakthroughs around things in their life they thought they would die struggling with makes it worth it. If you turn on any television you can see that the world needs more people taking a stand for things in the world. My stand is that each person can know inner peace. My stand is that each person know themselves as capable and worthy. My stand is that each person truly takes this life and LIVES IT in a way that on their death beds they can say yeah I did live and I am glad I did it.


3. Give us a glimpse of a day-in-the-life of you. (i.e. walk us through your routine)

I feel like this is in constant shifting. My current routine is get up, drink a glass of water, and make breakfast for myself. I think will usually do a Jillian Michaels workout video (I have them all almost!!). I then will meditate for 10-30 minutes depending upon my mental state. Then I will get ready for the day. I will either see clients or prepare for workshops or speaking gigs or constantly reaching out create relationships. Then I might read or do something social and try to get to bed by 9. Yes, I am a grandma.

4. What did you want to be when you grew up? Do you see any connections in what you are doing now?

I have one memory of my mom asking me that question, “Kimberly what do you want to do when you grow up” and my answer “mom I just want to love people”. If I can remember correctly I was about 3. My own journey has proven to me that this is what we are here for. So yes I definitely see correlations. I currently am practicing looking everyone I pass on the streets of Denver in the eyes and acknowledging them as humans like I am and sending them love whether that be verbal or energetic. It is such a good practice for me. It helps me slow down and integrate presence. This is still what I want to do when I grow up.


5. Coffee or Tea? What is your go-to drink?

Coffee and water. The only two things I drink!


6. Sweet or Savory?

I used to be massively on the sugar train. I over the last year have really stopped eating processed sugars and I feel sooo amazing doing that and I have found such joy in more savory things!


7. What is your favorite Dish?

Hmm anything with tons of veggies sautéed or I love pupusas or Indian food.


8. What is your favorite Social Media Platform? Why?

Probably instagram because it is quick and easy. I do also love making videos on facebook!


9. Favorite TV Show?

I haven’t owned or watched a TV show in years. But I have seen episodes of New Girl and that girl cracks me up!


10. What are you listening to when you are working? (music/tv)

Music when I write AND I love silence. I work a lot in café’s too so the noise of people and espresso grinding.


11. Favorite book(s)?

Ohhhh this is my favorite question. Anything by Wendell Berry, truly amazing author. I also have studied for a long time A Course In Miracles, it is something I always go back to. I also love Cormac McCarthy. Ohhh also I once found this amazing book called, The Kin of Ata Are Waiting For You, completely mind-blowing.

12. Most people don’t realize that I am _______.

A lover of dance and babies.

13. One thing I want to do in the next 1 year, 5 years, 10 years?

Make money off my podcast and speak in front of large 100+ people.


14. Favorite female past or present?

Wild women. Women who go to the beat of their own drum. I meet them sometimes. I am lucky enough to know a few. Women who did or do what they want in the face of ridicule, obstacles, or fear.


15. In my previous life, I was likely a ______.

A mother of many male children!

16. What is your spirit animal?

Probably hawks they seem to follow me.


17. My biggest passion in life is _____.

Dissolving separation and fear in my own life and then praying to be an example of that in the world.


18. Favorite Cocktail (virgin or not)?

Chocolate milk except I don’t drink milk anymore.


19. If I could live anywhere in the world for the rest of my life I’d move to _______.

A community where everyone knows everyone and everyone has everyone’s back. A place where I could have a view and walk or bike from my front door into nature and also to get groceries.

20. What is one thing you LOVE to see in other boss ladies?

Love for other boss ladies. True collaborative spirits.


21. What is one thing you admire about someone you follow? Who is it?

This woman her name is Brittany. She is a boss lady even though she doesn’t own her own business YET. She is an old friend of mine from back home. She is just a light for this world. She makes facebook videos daily and they are always silly or real or inspiring. I just love that woman.

22. Favorite:

  • Blog: Don’t really follow any.
  • Podcast: The Liturgist
  • Youtube Channel: Marie Forleo (probably–) or funny videos on youtube
  • Facebook Group: Don’t really follow any.


23. How do you maintain a work-life balance?

By becoming unbalanced haha. I usually will hustle and then go on vacations and then hustle and then read a book in two days. Just notice the ebb and flow and try to enjoy each and every moment of both.

24. What was one of your biggest challenges you had to face in your business to date and how did you overcome it?

Probably this idea of pricing and ‘niche’. I still to this day am a client by client basis for pay. Many of my mentors think that I don’t get paid enough or that in some way not sticking to some pricing unit that I am not valuing my work. Yet I have come to just not care what others think. I am not resentful about my business. I want this work to be available to anyone. I honestly don’t really worry about money. I have always had enough and more than I need. I just trust and try to have integrity in my work and really honor every client that comes to me. It seems to be working. Also Niche, I put it in ‘’ because I truly am still not sure where I stand in this conversation. My niche has changed so many times. I am constantly teaching what I am learning or what have come on the other side of. I just deal with it by welcoming the conversation when it arises and sitting with what comes up. Things are meant to change, that is the nature of being alive, so just staying present with things as they want to evolve and change.


25. What is one piece of advice you would give someone starting out in your industry?

Stop overthinking things and just take action. Trust the process. Results will come BUT YOU HAVE TO BE ON THE FIELD PLAYING IN THE GAME.


26. How do you stay motivated? What makes you get out of bed every morning?

I motivated by the state of the world. The world needs people doing this type of work. I feel honored it is what I am called to. I also honestly believe that everyone is in this line of work it just looks and manifest differently. I just know that it is what I am meant to be doing so I don’t really ever want to stop.


27. What are your current business pain points you still struggle with today?

Organization. I am not proficient at the business side of things and I am working on it daily. Also passwords to all of the things I need passwords for, passwords feel like the bane of my existence sometimes.

28. What was one of your favorite business accomplishment(s) to date? Why?

I once did this free meditation sit for an entire season at my local farmers market. It was when I was living in the deep south. Some people stared at me like I was crazy and others got super into it. That project was so inspiring to me to just share what I love and work through whatever came up. It is still something I think about all the time.


29. What is your favorite way to network? How do you stay connected with other boss ladies?

I reach out to lots of other boss ladies. I just email them and say let’s get coffee your work seems amazing. I am not always the best at staying connected and I have been practicing just reaching out when they pop in my head or collaborating ANYTIME possible! It is so rewarding to work with other amazing women.


30. How have you overcome feelings of inadequacy around competition?

Honesty. I share with people now how I am feeling. I try to not hide anything from anyone. The honesty creates authentic connection and vulnerability. Also, I am a bad liar so they know if I am feeling that way so I might as well speak to it. Sharing opening and honestly. There is nothing to hide. These women are me. I am them. We are here to make a difference in the world. Inadequacy and competition or distractions and small problems from what actual matters here. I try to just live in reality and be honest and be soooo gentle and kind to myself. I spent many years repeating “I love myself” in mirrors.  



**BONUS: Finally, give us one inspirational quote from the book of YOU:

“Find your feet. Everything you want is here, now.” This quote was handed down to me from a very wise woman. Many times we live in our heads as humans and the practice of finding our feet and finding in reality where we are is super helpful to bring me back to what matters and bring me back to reality and not to the small illusions and problems my mind wants to distract me with.



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