How To Do A SEO Check Up

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How to do a DIY SEO Check Up


Hello friends!

Meg, of Clapping Dog Media, here giving you a quick DIY SEO tutorial.

As an SEO guru, perhaps the question I get asked most is…how do I know if I have good SEO??

Oh friends, fear not. The answer to this Q is much easier than you might think, and we’re going to walk you through every step of it.

While the DIY version isn’t as thorough as you’d get with an SEO specialist on your side, you’ll still be able get a good idea of your overall SEO standings, so you can know what you need to do next.

How to do an SEO Check-Up, Step-by-Step 

There’s a lot to know about getting good SEO, but the good news is that you can find out how you’re doing in just 10 minutes! Download this step-by-step checklist for detailed steps to go from no-SEO to SEO pro!



Google your business name

    • Does your website show up as #1?
    • What other pages show up in the top 10? Are they yours, or someone else’s?
    • What are the suggestions at the bottom of the page?
    • What images show up?
    • Do you get rich snippets for your business?
    • Do you see site links, or business information?
    • What does your title tag look like? Does it run off the page?
    • Does another similarly named business show up above yours?

What to do with discoveries from these Qs:

  • If you’re not showing up in the #1 spot for your business name, then Google isn’t seeing you. Write blog posts (we can help with this!) and get quality backlinks (we can help with this too!), and you’ll increase.
  • Set up Google My Business
  • If your images don’t show up, then you need to add better alt tags (here’s how!)
  • Make your title tag appropriate for your website
  • Set up proper meta tags for each main page of your site.


Google your competitors

  • What are their results? Do they show up in #1 for their name?
  • What are they related links? Are they associated with other businesses or keywords?

What to do with discoveries from these Qs:

  • What keywords do your competitors not show up for? What can you snag?

  • Is there anything your competitors get found in spots 1-3 for that you want? (Like “Wedding Planner Dallas”, for example?). Time to make a plan to snag that spot. We can help get you there.

Test to see if Google can find you

  • In the search bar run this simple test: type in “” and see what comes up.
  • Do you get results? Does it looks like a reasonable amount?
  • Do you get nothing related to you?

What to do with discoveries from these Qs:

  • If you show up, then you’re golden!
  • However, if Google can’t see you using this method, then you’ve got a big problem. But have no fear, it’s easily fixed! Submit your site content to Google, and then test again in a few days.

Google dream keywords that you’d like to be associated with

  • What comes up? You? Do small businesses Or major companies show up?
  • What are the related keywords…are they ones you want to target?

What to do with discoveries from these Qs:

  • If major corporations are showing up for your dream keywords, then you should seriously consider niching down. Broad terms like ‘photographer’ are very competitive, so consider targeting a more specific term like “natural light wedding photographer Phoenix AZ”
  • Make a list of keywords that you might want to target based on competition and related terms.


See how you actually get found with a FREE search of SEM Rush

    • Our FAVORITE SEO tool has a free version! You’ll only see a limited amount of information without a paid account, but it’s super handy for getting an idea of your SEO Quality.
    • Visit
    • Enter your domain name
    • See what your 1-10 keywords are!
    • PRO TIP: use this tool to search for your competitors + dream keywords! What results are associated with each of these?

What to do with discoveries from these Qs:

  • Make note of these keywords. If they’re not what you want to be found for, with a bit of SEO work you’ll be able to see a shift.
  • Identify a niche in your industry. What are your direct competitors NOT getting found for? What keyword can you target that other people don’t have?

Check the quality of your backlinks

What to do with discoveries from these Qs:

  • If you don’t have great backlinks, consider increasing the amount of blog posts you write so that people have something to link to.
  • Create helpful, consistent content, and you’ll support your audience, boost traffic, and build SEO all at the same time!
  • (Psst: do you need help with an editorial calendar strategy, or with writing posts? We can help!

Ok, friends! There you have it! Going through every item in this checklist should take you about 30 minutes, and at the end of if  you’ll have a solid start to understand how Google sees you, AND solutions for making that match how you want Google to see you.

We’re cheering you on!!




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