Three Ways Using Video Can Grow Your Business

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Starting to use YouTube can be incredibly beneficial in growing your business – but it’s also daunting. Unless you happened to major in broadcast journalism, getting in front of a video camera can feel really uncomfortable and stressful. But, there are enormous benefits to using video in your business! These benefits are great enough, that people are pushing aside their fears and time constraints to incorporate video into their content strategy. In today’s post, I’m going to tell you three reasons why you should do the same! prioritize First, video helps build the know, like, and trust factor for your brand.


It’s no secret that we live in an online-centric world. We sit behind our screens and our Instagram accounts, hoping that photos of desktops will help us really “connect” with our potential clients. But, when people can see your face, and hear your voice, that creates a stronger connection.


It can be hard to convey personality (…and sarcasm, unfortunately) via text, which is why it’s harder to connect with your audience. But, in a video, it’s much easier to make jokes and show off your personality! So, why does it matter so much to show your personality online? Because videos make your brand multi-dimensional, which makes it easier to connect with you, and like you. Once your audience begins to like you, they’re going to trust you, trust your content, and eventually, buy from you! Second, video can help you be more visible.


Not only does showing your personality make it easier to connect with you, it makes you more memorable. Think of the last physical ad that you received in the mail, versus the last commercial you watched. Which one did you enjoy more? Which one did you connect with more? Which one do you remember more info from? (Obviously, some commercials are more annoying than others – but hopefully, you see the point I’m trying to make here.)


As you attract more people through your videos, you’re going to become more memorable. The more memorable you become with your audience, the more they will start mentioning you to other people, which builds your brand authority. I can say firsthand, as someone who has built brand authority over the last year with video, that video has helped me earn spots in summits and on podcasts!


render Lastly, video can help you boost your SEO.


Most people, who are not web designers or developers, find SEO confusing and overwhelming. This is totally normal, since there is so much info about SEO, and there are so many facets to SEO. But, to keep this simple – video can help you rank in Google. Not only can your videos rank by themselves in search, but it can help your website rank, too!


I’ve had many entrepreneurs ask me why they should care about SEO if they can work with anyone in the world? Often, people associate SEO with being found in local searches – but you can rank for keywords of any sort! If you’re like me, you have limited time each week between client work, publishing content, admin tasks, etc. My favorite part about SEO is that it’s a way for clients to find me, instead of me having to chase them!


Simply put, video marketing should not be another “thing” in your business – it should be THE thing. If you want to stay at the front of your industry and be memorable with your audience, a video is one of the best avenues to go. The hardest part is just getting started!

Post Written By: Jess Freeman of Jess Creatives


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