How To Get Your Yearly Goals Done in 12 Weeks

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How To Get Your Yearly Goals Done in 12 Weeks

I’m Not Planning My Year Anymore

I’m not planning my year anymore. Crazy, right? Before you write me off as disorganized or call me a planner-hater, hear me out.


We’re excited at the beginning of January, right? We set goals and resolutions and try new things and work hard, and we’re on track… and inevitably, we fall behind. We get less enthusiastic.


Brian Moran, the author of The 12 Week Year, argues that annualized thinking & planning is often inefficient and ineffective. But we can’t just make a twelve-week plan based on dividing our annual goals and plans into four — we’d be limiting ourselves. Instead, set long term visions and twelve-week goals. What is the best case scenario of what you can accomplish in the next twelve weeks? There’s your goal.


How do we come up with twelve weeks that will push us but not overwhelm us? A lot of us — myself included — have the tendency to bite off more than we can chew, because we’re so excited and because we want the fruits of our labors. For our first twelve weeks, let’s just pick one business goal and one personal goal. Just one each! (I know for me, that’s reallllly hard… because I am willing to work hard, I want all the results now… and I end up biting off more than I can chew.)


So for these first twelve weeks, let’s commit to just. one. each and more than that let’s commit to a tactical plan. We don’t control the outcomes — but we do control our daily execution of the tactical plan. Life is lived in the moment. What we have is right now. If there’s ever a time that less is more – it’s the first twelve weeks. What’s the one area within each your business and personal spheres that “moving the needle” will have the greatest impact? Pick that area, and go get after it.


Life is lived one moment at a time, and one moment at a time is where greatness is created. Michael Phelps didn’t become great when he won his twentieth gold medal, that was just the evidence of it – he became great years before that when he decided to do the hard work to get there.


Write down your vision – and don’t be afraid to get it down on paper. People get afraid to write it down because they’re afraid of getting it wrong – but it can be a work in process! Get it down on paper, be okay with tweaking it, and connect with your vision every day — and that will help you execute on the daily tactics.


These twelve weeks in front of you are all there is. It’s a twelve-week sprint, and it’s not going to be perfect. Learn to recover well. Don’t be surprised when you stumble or get knocked down – expect it. Just be quick to get back in the game. When life happens and knocks you down and you get derailed – don’t start a new twelve weeks, just get back on the horse as quickly as you can, and finish up as best as you can. At the end, regardless of if it ended up like you’d hoped – rest and celebrate.


We don’t control the outcomes. Life happens. We get knocked down. What we do control are our actions. Do these twelve weeks in front of you to the very best of your capability. You’ll learn from it! On your thirteenth week, rest. Celebrate, recover, think about what you’ve learned from these past twelve weeks – and get geared up to go another twelve.


Post Written By: Alicia Heater of Slightly Stationery



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