Five Ways to Maximize Your Time

Five Ways to Maximize Your Time

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Let’s be real, you are a creative entrepreneur who does it all for your business. You are the writer, the photographer, the planner, the idea maker, the risk taker and you work your other job. How are there enough hours in the day? And some how throw in time for family, your significant other, the kids and most importantly YOU. Here are a few things I found to help me:

  1. Start your morning doing something for you. Resist the urge to open up your emails in bed, to go into the office before you have even opened your eyes, start with you first. First thing in the morning me and my pup hop in the car and take the scenic drive to our favorite coffee shop. It gives me time reflect on the day before, and think about what is going to be my most important task for this day. I am also getting some fresh air and incredible scenery! Hello Inspiration. Find something that helps you, maybe it’s a run, a new journal entry, a phone call. Whatever it is, start the day for you.
  2. Get your goals down. I am the queen of to-do lists. I used to spend so much time writing out everything I needed to do, and it was impossible amounts of work for one day. Set your goals up in micro and macro categories. What are your long term goals? How long do you need to get them done? What micro goals can you give yourself in a day to complete the macro goals by your deadline? Don’t overwhelm yourself to the point you are staring at an unrealistic list in panic mode to get it done.
  3. Time yourself. As creatives, business owners, entrepreneurs are minds can go all over the place. Don’t trap yourself in hours of tedious work but don’t spend a whole day doing something unproductive just because it’s your favorite part of the business. If you know something takes you a certain amount of time, set the timer and this will force you to not distract yourself with other tasks. I could brainstorm new ideas and concepts all day long, but I still need to do some follows up and answer emails. So after an hour of design work, I am going to spend an hour calling clients and tackling my inbox. Nothing more nothing less.
  4. Turn it off. Turn off your phone, your notifications, Netflix, whatever it is that is distracting you. Let’s get down to business. I’m guilty of picking up my phone to the last Instagram like notification. Our minds are always taking us to something else, don’t let the latest text or tag distract you from your work. Once you do this you will see how much quicker things get done and how much more time you have in the day!
  5. Automate. This one is my favorite. Choosing what to post on Instagram and writing a caption used to take way too much time out of my day. So bi-weekly I schedule it out ahead of time, captions and all. You can do this for newsletters, emails, payments – whatever it is, take the time to set it up and save yourself the time in the long run.

I hope some of these tips work for you! I would absolutely love to hear what tricks you have for maximizing your time!


Post Written by: Skylor Purnick of Smirk Photobooth Co


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