Apps To Keep You Organized

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Apps To Keep You Organized

Apps to Keep you Organized-Apps-Organized

As an entrepreneur, we all know that life and business can get really hectic and messy. So I am always on the lookout for new ways to stay organized and try to keep it all together. Technology has made life so easy these days so there are millions of apps out there that will help you stay organized, but here are a couple of my personal favorites.


1.) Calendar. As simple as it sounds, a calendar can make a huge difference. I have my business email and personal email both linked to my phone, which means so are my calendars. At any given time I can pull out my phone and see what’s on the agenda. I also make a point to sit down every Monday and make sure all my appointments and meetings are on the calendar and in the right place so I know what my week looks like. I also look ahead to the next couple of weeks to just get a feel for what’s going on in my life.

2.) Time Blocking. This isn’t actually an app because you just do this in your own calendar. BUT time blocking can help keep you organized throughout the day. If you are unfamiliar with time blocking, here’s the down and dirty explanation. You actually plan out your entire day on your calendar. So you block out 9am-10am for emails, 10am-11:30 am for marketing efforts, give yourself time for lunch and then block out another time block for blog writing and so forth. This gives you the opportunity to decide what’s important to get done and give yourself the right amount of time to focus on that one aspect of your business.

3.) Asana. Asana is one of the greatest organizational apps out there, especially for teams. You can do it on your computer or on your phone. It lets you create different categories (marketing, clients, website, etc.) and then create to-dos within each category. You can also put due dates on each task and it organizes all your tasks due dates on a calendar, which I love because I’m a visual person. You can also color code your categories!!! As a Together Team, we use Asana all. the. time. You can add more people and assign them to certain tasks and the see when they have completed it.  

4.) Wunderlist. This is another to-do list app that I use every day. You can also share this with a team of people, but I use this for just myself. This is basically my daily to-do list in an electronic form. I have Wunderlist up on my desktop at all times so that I can add to it and check things off as I go. You can also create categories and then have sub-tasks within. Each of my clients has a category and then I create tasks within that category to keep track of what needs to get done for their event. The kicker to this app is they have the most satisfying bell sound when you check something off your list! It’s the little things throughout the day.

5.) Plann. This is my favorite Instagram planning app! They have a few different monthly plans that you can choose from, the smallest one is free, so you can pick a plan that works for your business. Once you choose your package it connects to your Instagram so you can see your current feed then add to it. It allows you to move your future posts so that you can completely curate your feed and see what it’s going to look like before they get posted. You can also draft your captions and then just copy the caption, paste it in Instagram and post it. And my favorite part… it stores all your hashtags for you! So all you have to do it copy and paste and your hashtags (up to 30) and bam, your post is done in 2 seconds! 


These are just a few of the amazing organizational apps that are out there, but they are my personal favorites. I use every single one of them every day to keep my business and personal life together. I do also want to give a quick nod to the classic pen and paper though too. I have a hardcover planner that I also use and cross-reference with my email calendars. I also love goal setting and goal planning on old fashion pen and paper because I’m old school like that.


Post Written By: Kc Pruneda of VIP Event Planning PDX


Apps to Keep you Organized-Apps-Organized


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