When to Re-Brand in Your Business

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When to Re-Brand in Your Business

I recently attended Together’s first monthly workshop put on by Devan our founder. It was all about creating a brand with heart. It was perfect timing considering I felt my own company was in need of a little revamping.

When I started Smirk Photobooth Co, I knew exactly how I wanted the experience to feel and the brand to look, I truly do believe I put my whole heart into. I never second guessed anything and poured a whole lot of me and my personality into the company. I had spent a lot of time thinking about what my clients’ experience would be like during the event and had my checklist of things I needed before and after the event date. But I never really sat down and thought “What is my BRANDS experience”. Thank you, Devan, for opening my eyes.

Devan describes “Brand Experience” as “a combination of your client’s experience, user experience, and brand design combined. It’s the understanding of your client, demographic, and niche. Putting these together and creating a cohesive and thought out experience for your customer past, present, and future.”

Don’t get me wrong, my initial interest in rebranding was because it’s fun. I loved working with my graphic designer, and every time I saw her name pop up in my email it was (and still is) like Christmas seeing what she has created me. I knew I wanted a more modern feel because turns out who my ideal client is, wasn’t necessarily who I was marketing too. The rush of clarity I felt after the workshop to really know the “new” direction I wanted to go gave me so much excitement. I can’t wait to revamp my brand not only in look but how my customer feels through their experience with Smirk. From the time they send in an inquiry to their next anniversary.

So here is a quick list of DON’Ts:

  • Don’t rebrand if you don’t feel there isn’t a purpose.
  • Don’t do it because you are bored and you like adding projects to the list.
  • Don’t do it if you don’t have the budget for it.
  • Don’t do it because you like someone else’s better. Be you, always.
  • Don’t wing it.
  • Don’t rebrand is you have no idea why you started or who you want to reach


And a quick list of DOs:

  • Do it if you realize you aren’t attracting your ideal client.
  • Do it if you feel like your business is headed in a new direction from when you started.
  • Do it if you feel you are lacking inspiration
  • Do it if you and your business have outgrown your current look.
  • Do it if your business has been in a serious lull and you need to create some buzz.


Post Written By Team Member: Skylor of Smirk Photobooth Co


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