Make Mother’s Day an Out of Office Day

Make Mother’s Day an Out of Office Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and as entrepreneurs we struggle with setting those boundaries in our businesses that allow us to completely step away from work and be present at home with our family and it is even harder to spend a whole day to rest your soul and celebrate the hard work you put in to taking care of your family and your business.

Today, we are giving you permission to put up that ‘out of office sign’ to spend this Mother’s Day free of to-do lists, deadlines, and emails.

Some of you may be thinking, “of course I would never spend Mother’s Day away from my family” and “I always put family before work or at least I try to,” but have any of you found yourself on that one day you tell yourself no work checking your email or receiving a work text and then telling yourself I just need to take care of this real quick and get it over with?

Whether we mean to or not we all find things that are more pressing than taking care of ourselves.

Those more pressing tasks may not even be work related, maybe they are house chores, a community obligation, or a school projects for the kids.

As mother’s we put expectations and standards on ourselves to be the best wife, the best mother, the best entrepreneur, and the best friend we can possibly be. We have all the right reasons to try to be the best person we can be and all the right intentions to care of all our loved ones, but sometimes these intentions tip the scale and turn devotion into depletion. 

We hear it a lot lately, you can’t pour from an empty cup. We all know we need to do more self-care, but wanting and acting on it is where we struggle most. So today we are going to encourage you to take some steps to set yourself up for a successful Mother’s Day full of rest, loved ones, and a full heart.


Close Shop. First, it is time to get your business in order and prepared to close for the day or weekend. Look ahead; are there any pressing deadlines you need to take care of before the weekend? Divide your tasks into what you need to get done this week and what can wait until after. Next, give yourself grace and permission to take all unfinished tasks and save them for the following week when you return. Finally, set up your auto-responders. Write your out of office email, announce on social media, and remind any clients or customers that you will be taking the day/weekend off and will be returning to the office on this date. The actual process of going through these steps will help get you some closure and put you into a vacation mindset to allow your mind to rest easy knowing work is taken care of.


Rest, Restore, Rejuvenate. Mother’s Day is a day for you to rest. Sometimes the best way to turn your mind off of work and focus on the day ahead is to set the intention. Let this day be a day where you can decompress and restore your energy. You don’t have to go to a spa to feel rejuvenated; you can literally give yourself permission to do absolutely nothing for the entire day. However resting and decompressing looks for you allow your day to be a time for restoring your soul.


Family. Setting your day up for rest is vital, but also spending it with loved ones is just as important to us. Most of us will spend our days with our family celebrating our own mother’s or allowing other’s to celebrate us. Write down one or two ways about how you want to feel when you spend time with your family. The other struggle we often face is letting go of taking care of everyone else for the day and letting them take care of us. The best way to fill your cup up is to be open to letting others pour into you. So today give yourself permission to let your family share their love and care for you, instead of releasing energy be open to receiving it.


Celebrate Yourself. Finally, Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate you. Celebrate the efforts and hard work you put in every day to run your business and take care of your family. Every day you wake up and you take on endless responsibilities, you take on tasks you don’t always want to do, you put your game face on and fight anything that comes your way. Today is a day to honor and recognize everything you accomplish, everything you overcome on a daily basis from being a wife, a mother, and a business owner. Today is a day to celebrate how amazing you truly are and all that you do for others.

Happy Mother’s day to all the mothers and mompreneurs, we hope you have a wonderful day; a day full of rest, loved ones, appreciation, and celebration because you are worthy. This Mother’s Day we honor you and the strength, perseverance, love, compassion, and leadership you bring into the world every day.

Today we ask you to comment down below and share a mother or mompreneur you believe deserves to know just how truly appreciated and loved she is.


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