Developing Your Business Through Brand Experience

As I sit down to write you this post, I have just spent an entire day experiencing stores, brands and more. It’s inspired me to talk about how important your brand experience is. But first…

What is BRAND Experience. To me it’s a mix of things. It’s not JUST Client Experience, but that is part of it. It’s also similar to User Experience (which if you’re not sure what that is, you can check out the post on my personal blog as I happened to just post an article on that exact topic today too). To me Brand Experience combines ALL of these things and more. It’s the sum of your entire business and brand and how others see it and experience it.

One thing I’ve learned over the 15 years I’ve been a designer, you can’t force people to experience something the way you want them to. Everyone will bring in their own variables to your business that makes them experience it in a different way. But what you can do is develop a sort of guided journey that you create for them, and allow their own personal emotions, personality and more to take in that information and journey to a place that is hopefully benefitial for BOTH of you.

So a few things to think about in developing your brand experience, and a few tips to think about that will help make sure you are developing a brand experience that is unique and special to you and YOUR business.

What You Can Do To Develop an Amazing Brand Experience

FIRST…BE CONSISTENT. That may seem obvious, to some. But I ask you to take a quick look at your business, in all the different avenues your business touches. Take a step back. Look at your social media, website, printed materials, if you have a phsyical space, a product, etc. Look at all of it from a birds eye view.

Are your social media accounts visually consistent with one-another. Is your brand visible? Does your style, colors, and services show up to visually give your clients an example of who you are, what you do, and what they can expect from you?

Is your website consistent with the same message as your social media? When a client clicks on your Instagram account profile link to visit your website, will they naturally feel like the two are connected? Or will it look like a completely different world? Consistency keeps your brand authentic. It builds trust in you and as a brand.

SECOND…Make it HUMAN! Seriously. In a world of online business and automation…workflows are amazing – but we sometimes forget how much we all still crave connection and a sense of realism. So, add something in your business that creats a humanistic connection from your business, you and your brand to your clients. Whether thats a personal email thanking them for contacting you, thats ACTUALLY to them from you, not automated. Maybe it’s a handwritten thank you card or small gift for signing with you or purchasing from you. Giving them a “how are you?” Check in maybe several weeks after they’ve been in touch, to let them know you are still thinking of them and really care.

These tiny things take some time and effort, yes…but it’s these things that will make your clients appreciate you. It will help create a real connection with your brand.

THIRD…Create a Style & Mood. This all goes back to your brand development. When you created your logo, chose your colors, and created your business’ physical graphics, why did you choose what you did? There should be some sort of meaning or message behind your brand. That is a different blog topic, but in short…if you have a clear understanding of your brand and why you want to have the colors, style, theme and mood you do, it will help you understand how to reflect all of that into the other aspects of your brand. We’ve mentioned this before in a previous post, but you can use the 5 senses to help you determine what you want others to think of when they are connected with your brand. Think about textures, smells, sounds, tastes, and the visual sights of your brand.

All of the above are closely connected. You can’t really have one without the other. So to keep a consistent brand, always think about the three things above and make a conscious effort to try to be consistent, humand and reflect your brand’s style & mood. This will help your brand experience be at the forefront of your business and keep your clients feeling the autheticity and professionalism you bring.


Written by
Devan McCabe, Founder of Together: A Bosslady Community and Owner of Nimbi Creative Studio.


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