5 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the #Mompreneur


With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to share some of my gift ideas for awesome Mother’s Day gifts for the #mompreneur’s out there, like me and a couple other ladies on our own Together team. (Ladies…you may want to share and maybe tag your partners to this artcle if you think they may need some ideas!)

I don’t know about you, but first things first. Acknowledgement of the day is important, yes? So any jesture, really, is so special. From the tradtional flowers or a handmade card by the kiddos. The famous “breakfast in bed” or being made or taken out to dinner. Not all mom’s want or need anything else, or gifts even. However,  it’s always nice to have a little extra on Mother’s Day sometimes. This post is about stepping it up a notch with ideas that will make you squeel with excitement as a mompreneur this Mother’s Day.

Ready? Let’s go.

1. A day to yourself. 
That could be a day to go to the spa. Go shopping and maybe a few extra bucks to buy something special. Maybe to go see a movie or heck go to a park alone and read a book. Think about getting to spend a whole day just by yourself nothing to worry about. Nobody in tow. Taking your time and then maybe coming home to a clean house and dinner made? Sound lovely to me.

2. A Membership/Subscription.

There are so many online resources that are paid memberships of female communities education and more. Sometimes we bossladies don’t spend the money on our own education or strengthening our online/in person community building. A few great groups to get memberships to are:

1. The Savvy Community:
Where female entrepreneurs create, connect, communicate and collaborate.
2. Belong Magazine:
A quarterly digital & print magazine celebrating the art & community of blogging, social media & creative entrepreneurship.
3. The Female Entrepreneurship Association:
An international hub for female entrepreneurs to get inspired and empowered to turn their ideas into a reality and build successful businesses.

3. Conference Ticket.
There are so many amazing and unique small business conferences where as a female entrepreneur you can devote a day or more focusing on your business, educating yourself, creating relationships and building a better future for your businesses all while having time to yourself and taking a tiny trip. A couple we recommend (coming up):

1. Wild Hearts Conference – New York
2. Inspired Retreat – Tennessee
3. Together Experience – Oregon (we will be announcing dates this summer…so maybe a pre-gift!)

You can also search and look for more with this awesome new tool created by an amazing female entrepreneur Makeda Mutema Newton called The Conference Connection. Where you can see all the upcoming conference for bossladies and get more details in one place to help you choose the best one for you!

4. Online Course/Coaching
This goes along with the membership idea. Some women put out special mastermind or online courses where you can get private coaching and more 1:1 education with a pro. There are some amazing ladies out there to help you grow your business. Depending on what your industry is you may need to do a little research here to find a great one that fits. But a couple we love and recommend are:

1. Think Creative Collective
2. Meghan Maydel – Marketing & Social Media Strategist & Consultant
. Reina + Co. – Business Coach
4. Jessica Rasdall  – Speaking Strategist
5. Heather Crabtree – The Savvy Business Circle

5. Office Supplies! (Obviously!)
What bosslady isn’t totally into some great gifts that are totally Instagram worthy?! If you check out a couple of these, you’re sure to find a few awesome gift ideas!

1. Inkwell PressPlanners & More 
2. Nimbi Creative Shop Wife. Mom. Boss. Shirts & Mugs!
3. Glam & Paper Office Supplies & More 
4. Rachel AlleneMugs & Handlettered Quotes
5. Slightly StationeryHandlettered/Illustrated Cards & Subscription Boxes 


Post Written by: Devan McCabe – Founder of Together: A Bosslady Community and Owner of Nimbi Creative


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