Styling Your Business Using Emotion & Heart

Styling Your Business Using Emotion & Heart

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If you aren’t familiar with branding, it can appear extremely complex. You may have heard many people say your brand is not just your logo or there’s more to a brand than just the name or tagline of your business. People talk about branding all the time, but what is branding and how do you incorporate branding into the way you style your business?

 Today we are going to share five steps to use your branding to style your business with heart and emotion.

First, let’s dive deep into the purpose of using branding to connect with your ideal client or customer. Every business should have a purpose. A purpose that serves your ideal client or customer. From using your services or purchasing your product(s), every moment a person spends with your business is an experience. That experience, how a person feels as they walk away from receiving your services or purchasing from you, is what defines your business. How a person feels when they first lay eyes on your business, feels during their process of connecting with your business, and how they are left feeling once it is all over, these are all feelings whether good or bad can make or break your business. These feelings are a reaction to your brand.

Your business’s brand is what draws out emotion in people. You can use your brand to help people who connect with your business to narrow down on the emotion you want to spark within them. Which leads us to the first step in using your brand to style your business with heart and emotion.

1.)Emotional Experience. Every moment someone comes into contact with your business will result in an emotional experience. It’s time to decide what emotion do you want them to walk away with? If you are struggling with answering this question, thoughts that may pop into your mind are: “ a good experience, duh!” or “emotion? Um. Happy? Joyful?” You may be thinking, “What am I supposed to say?”

To uncover the emotion that fits you and your business just right is to first think about what your business’s purpose is, why do you do what you do? Ask yourself how do you feel? When you start thinking about all the positive feelings it brings up within you, think about where those emotions take you. Does it remind you of a memory…. where do these thoughts lead you? If your business has a true purpose and you are truly doing what you are meant to be doing, it will lead you to a story.

That story, that memory, is the place you want to take your ideal client or customer to. This place sparks feelings within you and your brand will help guide others to that same place, that same emotion.

Now that you know how you want others to feel and where you want to take them, the next step is to use all the different components of your business to provoke that emotion and give them the experience you want them to have.

2.) Color Theory. Once you’ve decided on the emotional experience you want to create, it is time to take steps to style your business in a way that represents those emotions. The first action step to styling your business is to understand color theory and bringing the right colors front and center in your business.  When choosing the colors to represent your business, don’t choose colors because you like them. Choose the colors that draw out the right emotion. The best resource for choosing colors with purpose is the Psychology of Color Chart, which you can find here. You know you have chosen the right colors when they feel like the missing piece to complete the puzzle. Picking the colors that fit perfectly with your brand is like creating the lungs in your business, these colors bring life and bring the air and flow into the system of your brand.

3.) Imagery. Knowing the emotion you want the experience to create and choosing the colors that will trigger these emotions in others will allow you to form designs and images that become the visuals of your business. From your logo to website designs, to marketing and advertising graphics, to social media, every inch of your business is filled with images.

Imagery is extremely important to convey the right emotion, to tell a story, to spark the emotional experience you want to achieve. Being intentional with your imagery is vital and can be accomplished through color choices, subject matter, brightness, composition, and even placement and delivery. Imagery is a topic to be learned completely on its own, but for now using the right photographs and graphics that make up your brand’s imagery is most impactful when they have direction, an emotional experience they are trying to convey.

4.) The Five Senses. Once you become more intentional with your imagery it is time to branch out. An experience is not just what you see, but it is also what you smell, what you hear, what you feel, and even what you taste. It is time to take your branding experience to a level where your brand becomes reality. Colors create emotion and imagery creates emotion, how else can you create emotion in your business? The next step is to brainstorm and think about ways you can use the five senses in your business. Think back to the story you thought of in step one. What did you smell? What did you hear? That place and emotion you want to take your ideal client/customer to, what smells and what sounds or even tastes could bring them to that same place. Find new ways people can use their five senses when they come into contact with your business. Some examples are whether you own a shop or online shop the smell of your physical store or if you place certain scents into your packaging to ship from your online store all can create a sense of smell in your business. If you a service based business if you ever share a piece of paper with your client spraying the paper with a certain scent or wearing a subtle scent of perfume when you meet them are ways to use the sense of smell to create a more vivid experience for your clients and customers.

5.) Connection. Emotion, colors, imagery and the five senses are all ways to create an emotional experience in your business. The purpose of creating an emotional experience with your brand in your business is to build a connection with your ideal client/customer. Building a connection is creating a place where you have a special bond with them. You created this business for a reason – you love what you do! Your heart is what drives you to do what you do. Your heart is what is behind the story that brought you to where you are today, the story that sparked the emotional experience you hope to create, the story you hope others will walk away with after they’ve connected with you and your business. That heart is where it all started and that heart is what keeps everything all together and is what will keep everything moving forward. Use your heart and your story to drive the emotions, the colors, the imagery, and the five senses, use your heart to make the decisions. Opening your heart will allow you to connect on a much deeper level with others. Letting your heart guide the way will lead you to make the right decisions in your business to create a better emotional experience. People will be more naturally drawn to your business when you are more intentional with your branding by using your heart to create an emotional experience.


Using these fives steps will help allow you to take your branding and create an emotional experience that will leave people walking away with more than just a product or service provided. People will connect with you and your business on a much deeper level when you use emotion and heart to be more intentional with your branding.


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