Why Being in Business is Something I Needed to Go Through

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Being in business was not something important that I did, but something important that I needed to go through.

When I started my business, nobody told me that I would have to unearth my deepest childhood memories in order to create an aligned business.

Nobody told me that my business had to “align” with me. I thought that my business could just be about offering services and products to people that I enjoyed working with, my “ideal” clients. Put out a course, do an event, work with clients 1:1, make money, win.

Nobody ever said that this would be the hardest and most difficult journey that I would need to venture through in order to get to the freedom that lies ahead.

Despite what I thought I could manifest. There’s a little inside joke in there somewhere with the universe, I’ll explain it some other day, haha.

Being in business was not something important that I did, but something important that I needed to go through.

Or was it that I needed to go through this process of going deep within myself, and business was just the vehicle I used to help me travel that path? I digress.

That may actually always be a mystery but I’m choosing to believe that by standing up for myself, and believing in my strengths, that this is why I found my business and why my business found me. I believe many of you to be in the same boat.

I believe that if you see yourself struggling in your business, that you are potentially struggling in many things. My mentor has told me on a few occasions, that how we do one thing in life we do everything. What we do in this very moment will be a reflection of the next, and the next day, and what we eventually manifest as our future.

So, if your favorite pastime is binging on Netflix until you can’t see straight and overdoing it on sleep, you’re going to run your business into the ground, or yourself. Or maybe like many of us you put in hours and hours and hours of work and get frustrated when things don’t immediately happen.. where else in your life are you putting in effort, expecting things to magically just fix themselves, and discover that it’s actually quite different than that?

It may be that you just expect that things get handed to you without having to dig deep or do the work and suddenly that’s just not happening. Or maybe that you can go through your business without connecting with others, building relationships and more importantly the most important relationship in your business, with yourself.

If you struggle and fight and worry about your life and how successful you’re going to be – that is exactly what you will bring more of in your life. Worry, struggle and fighting. Not freedom. Not 6 figures in 6 months and certainly not clients that are lining up to work with you. Expecting results and not doing the actual work involved will get you those same kind of returns. None.

We seem to glaze over the details that we can just journal and meditate our way to business success all the while completely ignoring the fact that we had childhood events that long ago had the ability to completely change the reflection of how we see ourselves today.

Let’s focus on the fact that we not only survived but thrived because of them. I’m sending you an internet slow clap and a giant hug for getting here.

Your pain, your struggle, and your genuine self IS your credential. BE absolutely proud of who you are, what you’ve been through and that it’s special enough that you’re sharing your message with the world, whatever that may be.

Not some course and certificate you hold that says you can coach someone. Not some fancy MBA that says you spend a TON of cash of knowing how to run a business. It says zero about the actual blood, sweat, and tears that you no DOUBT had to FIGHT for in order to become successful and sit here reading this.

If you are struggling, and comparing, and feeling like you are so completely failing at this thing called business. Start looking at what might feel like the total opposite approach.

Look at yourself, look at your habits, look at who you are and where you came from and you will have every single answer to all your burning questions in business.

Find yourself a kind soul of a witness who can sit with you and talk these things out. Maybe they aren’t a coach, maybe they are, but you certainly don’t have to do this alone, by yourself, and expect to figure it all out.

Take a deep breath, take a moment, take all the time you need to figure. you. out.

Once you nail down that pattern of how you do things? Suddenly it becomes a lot easier to change those habits.

Guest Blog post by Together Speaker: Michelle To


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