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Hi, I’m Devan. The founder of Together: A Bosslady Experience. And I wanted to start the very first blog post with my why. Why I am doing this, why I am here, and why I think you should join us.

My entire life, I felt like I never fit into one type of group. I was never in a “click” in school. I was the girl who had friends in all groups. I just struggled every day to try to stay focused in school, and find something that I was good at. I grew up an only child, and most were shocked to find that out because of the classic “only child syndrome” stereotype, of being selfish or self ritous.

But, when I look back on the last almost 20 years of my 33.5 year old life, I realized that there was ONE thing very consistent, no matter my environment. I longed for friendships. I longed for a sisterly relationship between other girls like me. As an artist I am always looking for inspiration, and for me, the biggest inspiration came from the different relationship I found.

I always connected with others by creating community. As a child it took the form of clubs and passwords. In high school it took the form of being apart of the newspaper, dance team, choir, etc. In college I volunteered to take over the Visual Arts Club that was slowly dying off and not creating interest, that after my year as President had earned enough money to allow the next VAC members to go to the HOW Design Conference in New Orleans. I had an internship working at Walt Disney World as apart of the Disney College Program, and we had several interns that all worked in the internal communications group, but ALL over the entire park! So I started a monthly meet-up. So we could all get to know each other have a 2 hour lunch together somewhere on Disney property, where one of the interns could host us at THEIR theme park and we’d get to learn about what everyone was doing, make connections so we could meet other Disney Leaders and grow our networks, to potentially get full-time jobs following our internships.

Since graduating college I started working right away. Always with the hope to somehow start my own company. One day. I worked in coffee shops, paper stores, taught craft classes, started selling stuff on etsy, then got a design job for a software company. My world then turned to technology. I was a girl working in a very male driven industry. When I started I was 1 of 3 women, and that was out of about 60 employees. I learned so much, and realized I had a true passion for technology, and also found out I am a giant geek. Even in that world, I pulled together “cookie time”, a super unhealthy event every Wednesday late afternoon, where we would eat cookies and chips and play video games and socialize!

I could give you a ton more examples, but basically what I realized is that my passion comes from connecting with people. The weirdest part of that to me, is that I am one of those social introverts, where I get anxiety about having to meet people, and have to “re-charge my batteries” after just a couple hours of socializing, even with one person. Yet, I still love and crave socializing. It’s weird, but true.

Over the years every single thing I have been apart of and poured my heart into, has given me some of the closest, most amazing relationships I could possibly imagine. Connections that have driven me to now being a stay-at-home mom, with two babies under 3, FINALLY owning my own business. Even more now, than before, I’m alone during the days. So my need to connect has been limited to social outlets like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. I’ve made some amazing friends on these platforms, that I am so incredibly grateful for. But it hit me…why don’t I get all these awesome women I know together and start a conference for Bossladies?

Sure, there are a lot of them out there, and this wouldn’t be the first of it’s kind. I’m not trying to sell you and tell you that this is going to be the BEST conference in the world (though I am a bit bias to that idea), it’s also not the ONLY conference I think you should ever go to. But I do believe in our message. Together is about creating an incredible connection between female entrepreneurs in all stages of their unique businesses. Creating amazing relationships, learning from one another, and leaving with a sense of inspiration and motivation to conquer the world with our businesses.

I believe in TRUE #communityovercompetition. I belive that as females, small business owners, moms, wives, sisters, daughters, lovers and sensitive and emotionally driven human beings that it is crucial to our spirits to connect with like-minded women who are looking to find deep connections. This isnt about selling you on products or services, but about creating relationships and giving you the opportunity to speak to women who are successful themselves and get 1:1 advice, and connect with people that you can collaborate with, mentor, and hold each other accountable.

Together is coming to Portland this coming February 2017. The value is in the message alone. I believe strongly in it. Its my passion, and the passion of all the wonderful speakers and women we have involved in putting this amazing event together. I hope you can join us!

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Together we can thrive. This our year. Will you join us?

Founder of Together: A Bosslady Experience



  1. Brittany

    December 2nd, 2016 at 5:57 PM

    So well written and such a glimpse of YOU! Looking forward to the conference and as a fellow social introvert, being forced to get out there and meet other creatives! ❤️❤️❤️

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